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Tuberculosis Skin Test

Stay Safe from TB: Quick and Easy Tuberculosis Skin Test

Tuberculosis (TB) is a grave infectious ailment that primarily targets the lungs, with the potential to spread to other bodily organs. A key method to screen for TB is a skin test, commonly called the Mantoux test or Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST). Opting for the safe and responsible path is imperative for your health's sake. Thus, getting tested at West Point Medical Center in San Bernardino, renowned for its exceptional care and expertise in urgent medical needs, including tuberculosis screening, is highly recommended.

Comprehensive TB Skin Testing Services at West Point Medical Center

  • Safe and effective testing procedures
  • Dedicated medical professionals prioritizing your health and well-being
  • Early detection and treatment significantly contribute to curbing TB spread and improving patient outcomes.

Who Should Consider TB Skin Testing?

  • Individuals in close contact with active TB patients
  • Healthcare workers exposed to TB patients
  • Those with compromised immune systems

Recognizing TB Symptoms

  • Persistent cough lasting over three weeks
  • Chest discomfort
  • Fatigue and unintentional weight loss
  • Fever with chills or night sweats
  • Breathlessness