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West Point Medical Centers provides urgent care, worker’s compensation, physical therapy, family practice, pediatrics, and services to residents and businesses of the Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, San Bernardino, and surrounding communities. Our Urgent Care Clinics serving the Inland Empire area offer extended hours of operations to provide you with quick medical care.

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Urgent care centers are so useful when it comes to minor illnesses & injuries. Don’t you hate waiting in the emergency room at a hospital just to get ear drops for your earache or for minor problems? You are risking catching other more serious diseases that you don’t need to be exposed to. Our Urgent Care Fontana Centers are there for those with minor problems that can be taken care of quickly. It helps you bypass all of the problems that you would face in the emergency room. The waiting room takes so long at the hospital because they have all the intense emergencies coming to them, so the doctors have to take care of them before they can take care of a minor problem. At West Point Medical Center, our highly skilled doctors, nurse practitioners, & physicians offer the medical care you deserve.

What are Urgent Care Centers?

Urgent care clinics were first established in the 1970s and have evolved over time to become what they are now. They are now a location where you may go for minor crises and get treated relatively promptly for a flat fee. They are similar to an emergency room; however, they provide speedier services since the services they give are for small and immediate concerns.This type of center is fully staffed with a team of skilled professional doctors that are quick at what they do. They take in patients with minor level needs up to minor burns, stitches & bone breaks so everyone can get treated quickly & get out quickly.

The purpose of these facilities is to treat everyone fairly and as quickly as possible. That is why they don’t take major problems like internal bleeding & strokes. Problems like that take priority in emergency rooms & that is why the people of lesser concern are overlooked for so long.The doctors in emergency rooms are busy taking care of major emergencies first. This is why everyone in the emergency room with minor injuries should know about urgent care centers. If you have thrown your back out and need a prescription, the places are staffed with real professional doctors that can take care of that for you. You can get medication for the pain by coming in and seeing a chiropractor. They may be able to help with stretches and icing as well.

They can help with skin conditions like dry skin, acne & poison ivy. They perform treatments for breathing and various illnesses such as strep throat & respiratory infections. Vaccinations are available for preventing these and other viruses such as Covid19, hepatitis, tetanus, etc.

Fontana Urgent Care Center

People might go to urgent care facilities when they are in desperate need of medical attention. In the event of a small medical emergency, such as an illness or an accident, the wisest & essential thing to do is to go to an urgent care center. You may either drive yourself, have a friend – family member drive you or you can call in & be picked up.

Rather than dealing with high fees and long wait times at a local hospital or emergency room, visiting a specialized clinic like Urgent Care Fontana will make your experience as convenient as possible without breaking the bank. When you are feeling ill for extended periods of time, even if the symptoms are relatively minor, such as the common cold symptoms, you should still go ahead and go to an urgent care facility.Letting certain illnesses go untreated for extended periods can be very damaging to your health, and this can allow an illness to turn into a life-threatening disease. Even if you believe the risk to be minor, it is always better to be safe than sorry later down the road.

When suffering a minor injury, like a sprain in your wrist, or even light bone breaks, you only have a few options for care. You can see your local doctor multiple times before you end up getting fixed. Visit the emergency room to wait for hours on end before you get treated, or go to a specialty urgent care center that does not have the wait or overhead a large hospital has.This will moreover save you a lot of money on your bill, no matter what insurance provider you have. Local specialty clinics can be much more affordable than larger establishments because their costs to run the facility are lower. Still, you are getting the same, if not better, medical treatment as you would anywhere else.

Some people are under the impression that urgent care facilities are very particular about what insurance they accept. This is a common misunderstanding, and in reality, our Urgent Care Fontana facilities have established relationships with all major health insurance providers and accept smaller health insurance companies as a means of payment as well. Now that your insurance is not preventing you from going to an urgent care clinic, there is actually no reason to put yourself through troublesome hospital procedures. Just go ahead and get fast, proper care at West Point Medical Center.

What illnesses can an Urgent Care Center help with?

Our Urgent Care Fontana center treats a wide range of acute medical conditions, including:

1. Accidents and falls

2. Vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration

3. High fever

4. Back problems

5. Breathing difficulties

6. Severe abdominal pain

7. Mild to moderate asthma

8. Sprains & broken bones

9. Bleeding/cuts, etc.

West Point Medical Center urgent care Fontana

Simply walk into any of our 3 locations to get the cutting-edge medical care you deserve. We accept major insurance providers & also take cash payments at a reasonable rate. All of our urgent care centers are staffed by highly skilled doctors, nurse practitioners, & physician assistants. They will make absolutely certain that you receive the necessary attention. You do not have to be a West Point patient to come to visit us. Just walk in.

The following are some of the great advantages of our Urgent Care Fontana Services:

  • Walk-ins are welcome, no appointments are needed
  • 3 locations in South Western, California
  • Shorter wait times compared to emergency rooms
  • Lower copays than emergency rooms
  • Convenient opening hours
  • Weekend hours available
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West Point Medical Center provides urgent care services to residents and businesses of Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, San Bernardino, and surrounding communities. As a walk-in clinic near me, our Urgent Care Clinics serving the Inland Empire area offer extended hours of operation to provide you with quick medical care.

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